12 Lavender Mottled Cochin Bantam Project Eggs For Sale!


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
The F1's of my mottled lavender project are laying like crazy and i am offering a total of 12 eggs, some from their pen and some eggs from my SQ white pen. The parents of the eggs you are getting are split for mottled and lavender, so you will get some black, some lav, some mottled, and a few lav mottled. these are pullet eggs and i have not tried to hatch any myself, my bator is full, so i have no idea how hatchability is or what the acutal ratio of colors you will get, so no guarentees, only guarentee is eggs leave here intact and packed carefully. i dont have any doubts toward fertility though since there are 3 roos over 9 hens. the white eggs have had excellent fertility and hatchability ive had 100% fertility and hatchability on the whites, even with two week old eggs, and the white eggs you get will be fresh! auction starts at 25$, and ends tuesday at 4:40pm pacific time. A reserve amount is set and if it is not met the auction will be withdrawn

a F1 male

notice the yellow shanks

a F1 hen, notice the red earlobes and face, all my breeders have red earlobes

her legs are swarthy with a little black, most of the hens are like this, some have yellow shanks like the males

this is the white pair that your eggs will be from

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