12+ Lemon Blue "Project" Standard Cochin Hatching Eggs

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    12+ Lemon Blue Standard Cochin Project Hatching Eggs to ship from CA on Monday March 28, 2011. This auction will also contain eggs from my roo, Cherokee, (shown below). Price includes Priority shipping via USPS with delivery confirmation.

    This is "not" a recognized color but is my version of Lemon Blue. You will hatch Lemon Blue, Blue, Brown/Red & Splash from these eggs. Here are pics of some of my flock


    Lemon Boy, the Baby Daddy

    Smokey, Lemon Boy's Dad

    Lemon Boy's son-Sold

    Lemon Boy's daughter, Catherine 8 months old


    Valentino- Lemon Boy's son - Sold



    Spook, Lemon Boy's son

    Cherokee-Lemon Boy's Son-retained

    Pic of 4 of the babies I hatched Spring 2010.

    Some of the babies from the January 15. 2011 hatch

    Please go to this link to see updated pics of my January hatch.


    Please do not hesitate to email or PM me with any questions. I take Paypal at [email protected] (Virginia Van Dyke).

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