12 Mille Fleur bantam cochin egss (project group)

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  1. Available are 12 eggs from my project group (plus a couple extras hens willing). All the hens are laying. The roo is a mille fleur. Hens are mille, blue or black mottled. Take a look at My Page or visit the photobucket link below. Fresh Eggs will be shipped Sept 13. Paypal pymt only within 24 hrs of auction end to my email [email protected] Shipping is flat rate $15 and already included in the price. Mille fleur are a project in the making but I've made progress on body type. I'm striving for body type first and color consideration second. Please understand.... shipped eggs are a gamble. As a buyer of shipped eggs myself, I've been happy when one chick hatched from shipped eggs. The closer the distance the better. No guarantee can be made on the hatch due to USPS handling. I wrap eggs individually in bubble wrap. Check my Hatching page for tips on hatching. Please ask if any questions.

    The roo and some hens below:
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    Very pretty birds. What's the outcome of crossing the Mille Fleur w/ Blue Mottled?
    I've came so close to buying some of these Cochins so many times, you're birds aren't making it any easier for me!
  3. The upper right black mottled pullet is a result of mille to blue mottled breeding. Black is dominant but sometimes there is color leakage. Though this pullet has few white feathers she didn't develop any color leakage. Now when this pullet is bred to a mille--the chicks could show either. When one or especially both parents are split to mille fleur, lots of color variety is possible. On my BYC page, a young pullet named Harlee is a result of a mille sire to a split black mottled dam.
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    Just so I understand, if I were to bid $30 that would be the total price. Shipping is included in that price or would it be $30 plus $15 shipping?
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    Love you birds!![​IMG]
  6. Donna R--yes to your question. I started the auction price such that it covers shipping and what I'd like for the eggs. So whatever the price is at the end of auction....that is the total amount to be sent by paypal. Hoped this may be easier on all of us!
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    Now only if my incubator wasn't broken, I'd snap these up if you could ship them across to Canada. x3
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    Very nice, Shy. I love the tight structure of your hen/pullets (thumbs up gal)! Cleaning out my batore to make room for "THESE GUYS"! Everyone else just 'back away slowly' and nobodyz feathers get ruffled.... [​IMG] I'm watching this guys-n-gals, SOoooooooo [​IMG]
  9. To give all a fertility update---I had set 13 of their eggs last weekend. Candled last night with 11 growing so its 84%. Here's pics of Tanker's first babies matched up with 1 from Emma (blue mottled) & 2 from Kiko (mille fleur). The blue mott hatched yesterday and the others the day before.

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