12+ Mille Fleur Cochin project eggs ~NPIP~

Funky Feathers

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Jan 15, 2009
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You are bidding on 12+ any extras laid by my beautiful Mille Fleur Cochin (Bantam) project birds. I acquired my breeding stock from Tim K. in OK, Nancy Krohn (Bluff Country Shepherdess), and MrsChickenDad. Pics are of parents and offspring. I have been hatching out beautifully colored birds, including a few Calico (the ones with a lot of white). They are hatching out like crazy, my customers are very happy with the birds they bought from me. Color & type just keeps on improving. Some of the birds I sold as chicks are prettier than my hens. You won't be disappointed. I need Instant Paypal payment at auction end (to tolbunt5@yahoo.com) so I can ship these out fresh. Thanks for looking. NPIP # 51-370. AI clean. NO SHIPPING TO VA, I don't have a VA approval # and would lose my NPIP. Sorry.


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