12+ Millie Fleur Cochin project eggs


12 Years
Jan 25, 2008
Blue Ridge GA
Hey all

Gonna give this another shot I will have 12+ eggs from my millie fleur project birds ready to ship out Monday the 30th I will throw in 2-3 of my F2 mottled x millie eggs for good measure Has been at least 15 eggs These girls are laying pretty good and fertility here has been great I cant guarantee what the PO will do with them Maybe have soccer practice or see who can kick the longest field goal Finally got a few pix of my hens to put on here Hope you like I accept paypal at mikev8@tds.net at the end of this listing so these can be sent Monday Dont hit BIN just send me a PM or e-mail and I will get back with you One more thing The price does include shipping and these are bantams Thanx for looking

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