12+ Mix Color Orpington Hatching Eggs **24 Hour Auction**


Jun 30, 2010
La Center, Wa
The eggs are rolling out of my hens right now. Changed their feed so they will lay better eggs, and they haven't stop.

12+ mix color Orpington hatching eggs and any I may have on shipping day. My incubator is full and the chickens have been laying eggs like crazy, so I thought I would offer up some of my Orpington eggs. I have Orpington chickens of many colors. They all run together right now, So you could end up with a mix of color or pure colors. My hens are Buff, Blue, Splash, Black, and Lavender. My roosters are Buff, Black, Blue and Lavender Orpington. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail .Thanks for looking.

**I cannot guarantee hatch ability of these eggs due to postal handling; I can only guarantee eggs to be fresh and fertile. I package them with care to make sure they get to you in the manner that I would want to get them. I will only ship Monday thru Wednesday.

Payment must be made immediately after auction ends to ensure the availability.**
Payment can be made to [email protected] through paypal.


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