12 Mix Pack of Eggs incl. English Orps

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    We have finally turned our incubators off for the year! For the next four weeks we are offering mix pack of eggs. They are all pure breeds (except EE pen) and this list will be updated as breeds start laying again after molt.

    The breeds we currently have laying are:
    Silkies: White, Blue/Black/Splash, Lavender, Porcelain, Paint
    Cream Legbars
    English Orps: Gold Laced, Buff, Jubilee
    Marans: Black/Blue Copper
    Easter Eggers
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

    We guarantee at least one English Orpington egg in each mix pack.

    Payment should be made to [email protected]. Please sent as a goods or service payment so it comes up with your address! Price is $45 including shipping or $35 for pick up at farm.

    Happy holidays!

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