12 Mixed breed chicken hatching eggs

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    Dec 14, 2009
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    I have a dozen mixed breed hatching eggs. Fertility on the farm has been 90% plus with several 100% hatches. I will send extras. If you would like a couple bantam mixed breed in the dozen just let me know. I have sex-links, Black Australorp hens and roo, Marran Roo, Light Brahma, Easter eggers, and a couple mix. And a mixed roo very pretty. There is a chance you will get a pure breed, but no promises. I also have Mille Fleur, and a couple frizzle bantams. I am not responsible for hatch rate. There are to many determining factor for that. Plus the way the USPS handles it after it leaves my hands. I will pack well, and mark box clearly. I accept money orders only. The eggs will be gathered and shipped within 24 hours of receiving money order. Unless a weekend or holiday. Thank you for looking.
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    YIKES didn't look at money order only... that will take me awhile don't live near the bank and have paypal set up needed the eggs for setting thurs.all my other auctions are going out monday.I will send the money order but don't send the eggs they will arrive too late
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