12+ Mixed Silkie and silkie cross eggs (2-4 MF d'uccles included too!)

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    I have a flock of silkies and a trio of Mille Fleur D'uccles... I have 2 d'uccles and a OEGB in the silkie pen, thus where the crosses will likely come from. - right now 2 of those are broody so less likely that you would get any mutts [​IMG]

    *****This auction is for any eggs out of both of my pens... my bunch are extremely hardy and persistent brooders so this may not last long...Right now I am getting 6-8 eggs a day, so I will probably have 18+ when time to ship comes (3 day collection of eggs). ******

    *~*~* My silkies are a mixed color pen, BUT I have hatched a few dozen eggs this spring and have had mainly BLUE, with SPLASH, PARTRIDGE, and BLUE PARTRIDGE chicks. *~*~* '

    I am also getting FAUX CALICO chicks, which look calico but are actually splash leaking red pigmentations, very pretty and behind the blue partridge my favorite chicks thus far! [​IMG]

    I ship medium flat rate box so shipping will be 11.00$ reguardless. this allows for me to be heavy on my packaging (individual bubble wrap, bubble wrap and newspaper tightly lined and padded box - have had great success so far)

    If interested please PM me, or ask questions here. At this time I will require Money Orders only, as I do not have a paypal account but am working on it.

    Thank you for your interest [​IMG]

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