12+ Mottled Houdan Hatching Eggs


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
I am selling my flock so will only have a couple more batches to be able to send. Fertility has been awesome on these, I just hatched 17 chicks out of 20 eggs. I also have a couple chicks that were hatched under broodies, these chicks have been hardy and very healthy.
Ah Karen,,,,,are you sure????? Oh I wish I had pen space and a blind husband I would so grab this flock. Y'all her birds are so nice and the babies are just great and eggs so fertile. I hatched out 100% hatch of babies for ravens have from these eggs last year. And those are the cutest. At age 4 weeks, well Autumn was a little late picking them up, I could pet their little poofy heads and they would fall asleep in my arms.

Okay someone needs to get the eggs and this flock before I'm totally out of stale bread for even my breakfast!

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