12 N.P.I.P. certified Mallard eggs.

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    I have a lot of Mallard eggs right now! I set two earlier this year and they both hatched. I am now incubating about 3 dozen more. I gather the eggs twice a day. I keep the min the basement and turn them twice a day. I ship them carefully. I guarantee that you will receive your 12 eggs free of cracks. I can not guarantee your hatch though [​IMG] I will send 18 for $20.00 plus $11.00 shipping. I prefer paypal within 24 hours of your purchasing the eggs. I am willing to arrange another method pf payment if you pm me first. The eggs can go out Monday if you like.

    Mallards are fun little birds. They are very small ducks and do not eat very much feed. They are very faithful layers of small green eggs in season. They do not lay very long compared to Runners or Campbels though. They love to fly and I like watching them do it. They got to be trouble last fall and we clipped their wings. They are very energetic and hardy birds. If allowed to fly they can pretty much avoid predators. The females are extremely loud! If you have any questions pm me!


    You can see my feedback here. http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pcz6aC_klXJDTE8H01hR-RA

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