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    Our Turkens are laying well and fertility has been checked. All of the birds in this pen are naked necked. We have a variety of colors: buff, red, black, partridge, & blue laced. I hatch alot of these guys and almost all hatch naked neck but because of my blue laced hen ( she is naked neck but her dad was not) there is a chance of getting one to hatch fully feathered. They lay large brown eggs and are reliable layers. Very docile...my favorite out of all our birds!
    I ship USPS priority mail with tracking. I pack very well and will gladly work with anyone if there is any problems...You just have to communicate with me. Been doing this a very long time and we raise birds for our kids to show and just for fun.

    I only take paypal. If interested message me and I will send you my paypal link.

    I do my best to send lots of extras.

    12++ Turken hatching eggs $15.00 + $17.00 S.H.

    Thanks for Looking.
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