12+ Naked Necks (frizzled and/or green-egger) $25. inc S&H

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  1. Disregard the 'auction'. No need to bid --- price is $25.00.

    For sale: 12+ eggs from the bantam Naked Necks and the Naked Neck Frizzled Green-Eggers.
    The eggs from the NN bantam pen will hatch blue/black/splash and all will have naked necks.
    Eggs from the NN Frizz green-egger pen will hatch blue or splash, half naked neck / half feather neck, half frizzled / half smooth, and all will be blue/green eggers.
    Once in a while an off-color partridge-y chick pops out from both of those pens. And chicks from both pens may be white-skinned or black-skinned.

    The price for 12+ eggs is $25.00 and includes USPS Priority shipping with Delivery Confirmation.
    Here's a link to how you can expect your eggs to be wrapped and packed for shipping .

    Post sold and send payment if interested. My PayPal is [email protected]. No need to bid --- price is $25.00.

    If you have any special instructions like "Hold & Call for Pick Up", or would like them shipped to an address other than the addy in the PP info ---just add that and a ph# in the PayPal note so I don't miss it.

    If you want eggs for later shipping, I'll have groups of the same available every Mon/Wed/Fri.


    from the Frizzle NN green-eggers:
    And you can see the pretty blue and green eggs here:
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  2. TinyBirds

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    Jul 9, 2009
    How adorable! Let me know next time you run this auction! I'd love to order them, but am just holding off for a few weeks on my egg-buying. (so so so very hard to control myself)
  3. merinette

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Gainesville, FL
    Would it be possible to purchase a smaller quantity in a few weeks? (My incubator only holds 10 eggs).
  4. Hi! Just shout when you're ready.
    I'll send how ever many you can use.
  5. BeccaOH

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    Oct 3, 2008
    east central Ohio
    Frizzle NN green-eggers
    Are these guys large fowl? Good layers?
    Temptation . . . [​IMG]
  6. Hi! They are mid-sized.
    They have a mixed heritage --- bantam Silkie and Frizzle Cochin, LF Naked Neck and Ameraucana.
    They seem to be good layers. With the Cochin and Silkie in their background, they are prone to be broody.
  7. BeccaOH

    BeccaOH Morning Gem Farm

    Oct 3, 2008
    east central Ohio
    Money sent. [​IMG]
  8. Got it Rebecca! Thanks!
    Next available ship date is 8/18.

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