12+ olive and EE eggs ( blue and green )

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Hi all-Dont bid please pm me for orders-price includes shipping and delivery confirmation-

    Even in this weather my girls are still putting out eggs like crazy-Their coop is heated so it doesn't drop below 32-

    I will start mailing these after Christmas. I can do 6 olive eggs and 6 blue or green and there is always extras sent:)

    I will have 2-3 sets of these that can definately be sent after xmas:) I also have many other kinds of very fertile eggs-look at my signiture line and if you see any you like I will send those as extras. My bator is up and running and now almost full-so I cant incubate anymore for 2 1/2 weeks-after my batch hatches-then Im keeping the eggs for myself again..LOL

    This is from todays collection alone!! Polish-cochins ( bantam and standard)-frizzles-amaracauna etc....
    you can see the one blue EE egg on bottom-I took all 12 I had in threw them in bator yesterday:) As well as all olive eggs but here is a photo from 3 weeks ago of one of my olive eggs at top and more of my blue and green eggs:)

    I you have any questions please feel free to pm me or post on this thread:) If you look on the Dec 18th hatching thread there are pictures of my babies that were hatched out yesterday-( olive eggs and EE's eggs included) ...God bless

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