12+ Olive Egger Hatching Eggs, EE x BCM, Price includes shipping!

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    Sep 21, 2009
    These are first generation Olive Eggers. The eggs you will receive will be green Easter Egger eggs. My Easter Egger hens are penned with my Black Copper Marans rooster.

    Most chicks that have hatched have been black, I have also hatched quite a few blue chicks. They have all had muffs and pea combs. Some are feather legged.

    No need to hit Buy it Now. Just PM me if you would like to purchase!

    Here is a picture of daddy (Hannibal).

    A picture of some chicks I have hatched.

    I will get some more recent pictures of some of the chicks up in the next day or so. The ones I have kept are about 8 weeks now.

    I have been slowly reducing my Easter Egger flock. I currently do not know exactly how much longer I will be offering these hatching eggs. I will make sure that all who wish to order receive their eggs before I continue flock reduction. If there is a specific date you would like them shipped that can be accommodated.

    I have been double boxing the eggs for shipment and that has been working very well!

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