12+ part-English BBS Orps - BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!

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    I've finally filled all of my backorders, and the ladies are laying like crazy! I hve two shipments of eggs that can go out on Monday, 24 June, for $36 + $12 shipping. OR I can hatch eggs for you, for $5/chick + Express shipping for chicks that would ship in 3 weeks. You pick!

    BEAUTIFUL blue/black/splash orpingtons from Garry Farm, Bethel Farm and the Loft at Holly Lane parent stock. Some birds are 75% English, making for huge, fluffy, docile, lovely birds - and their babies are just as pretty. In fact, an APA judge performed my NPIP testing this year, and I've scaled back to the birds that he hand-picked to remain in the flock. The entire flock is beautiful and a joy to have!

    I have 100% fertility here at home, and buyers have GREAT hatch rates, and love the beautiful babies :) Please note: Pure English orps are notorious for having terrible fertility, due to their size, feathering, and low rates of lay. I personally don't believe in having animals that cannot breed successfully without human intervention...so I would consider these to be breeder quality (better than pet quality, but not consistently show-quality) part-English orps. They are bigger and fluffier than standard American orps...but no where near as reproductively incompetent as pure English orps. For my purposes, they are perfect - and many, many previous customers agree :)

    In this buy-it-now ad, you will get 12+ eggs, lovingly packed to maximize the chances that they will arrive safely at your door. I can ship 2-3 times/week, so there are many chances to get a shipment at just the right time for your schedule. Shipping is $12.

    As will all shipped eggs, there is no guarantee that your eggs will hatch, even if they arrive in one piece (which is the only part that I can reasonably control). *I* have a nearly 100% hatch rate at home. HOWEVER, if you have a terrible hatch, please do let me know and I will do what I can to help you. If you check out my previous classifieds, you will see that customers have had terrific hatch rates, and often come back to buy more eggs because they love these babies so much :)

    Please PM me for more details or to schedule a shipment date - or if you are interested in chicks, rather than hatching eggs.
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