12+ Periwinkle Blue and Turquoise EE eggs!!! Some Maybe frizzled!!!


15 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Archie, MO
Egg color project eggs... I have been working on getting a deeper color in EE eggs. Not just pullet egg color but color that lasts throughout laying. I am offering eggs in blue, turquoise and light periwinkle... These eggs are from my free ranging EEs. Getting lots of deep color in eggs and excellent layers. I have 2 frizzled EEs in with them and the Roo has a frizzled parent so there maybe some frizzled EE's as well as smooth EEs... I have a red EE Rooster, 2 black EE frizzled hens, 2 wheaten hens, and 1 red EE hen. Win this auction and this time next year you can have the same colored eggs pictured below from the hens you hatch out!!! Any other hens in the pics lay brown eggs, and I will also throw in some of their eggs for free, they would hatch out first generation Olive eggers... All should lay beautiful colored eggs... Pictures were not touched up in any way. Taken in natural, overcast light outside.... Eggs will be no more than 3 days old when shipped. I will wrap each egg and place in carton and then will wrap carton.. Then place in a lined Priority shipping box. I can not guarantee hatch rates but will replace broken eggs if that happens during shipping... All the eggs I have collected have been fertile. This young Roo is doing his job well! Payments accepted by PayPal...
Will ship on Monday!




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Those are nice .. I've got to add some more blue to my eggs .. too much brown and green goin' on here ... lol
Thanks, I'm very proud of them... And whomever wins the auction can come back and tell how nice they look in person... I'm telling you these have alot of color and look exactly like the pics!!! Come on and bid.... I'll make sure you get lots of extras!!!
I only have a couple of pics of their offspring... Most people just don't get back with me with pics... But yes I have been told the egg color has been the same... I keep the best colored eggs to keep to hatch hens for the next season... And I also add a couple of new hens... but the Rooster came from a bright blue egg, not turquoise but really blue, and the girls I have lay deeply colored eggs through their whole season... The Weaten girls tend to have babies that look exactly like them... Then I get both reds and blacks from the black hens... The olive eggers are red...

Here are pics of some older chicks of theirs I hatched out last summer.





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