12 Plus Black Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs

Soggy Bottom Farm

9 Years
Apr 21, 2010
Southwest Central Pa
This auction if for 12 plus at least 6 extras of my black cochin bantams. My show birds came from
Judy Ganet not sure if I spelled her name right?.
I have a very nice show roo and 2 very nice show hens, 1 very nice frizzle show roo and about 8 nice hens.
I have been getting a few frizzles but not many, but very nice babys out of this pen. My fertility has been
running in the high 90% range with hatching just as high. Although my results are great I cant guarantee
your hatch for shipping and incubating practices can play a major role on shipped eggs. I do pack well
and have had great results so hopefully you will to. Bidding starts at $15. that includes shipping.
Please make payment to [email protected]
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9 Years
Dec 16, 2010
I might need to bid on these.....
Just for every thinking about bidding on these, I won some last week and got a TON of extras...plus, at day 6, almost all but about 4 are developing!!!
Great packing too!
ETA maybe you mean Judy Gantt? She has excellent birds.
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