12+ plymouth rock hatching eggs (mostly blue)

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    this is a buy it now sale
    i will be listing more often so just PM me.

    This will end at 9pm on Sunday evening EST> if not sold ,i will put this batch in my incubator.

    Plymouth Rocks are great layers,super mothers and are very friendly.They really do make a wonderful backyard flock.Plus they are pretty to look at.

    this is an enclosed flock with no outside birds introduced.i have hatched all of them from eggs.
    Fertility is excellent and these little chicks hatch well.

    these are all pure plymouth rocks
    i have a blue rooster over blue,splash,partridge,silver penciled and barred plymouth rock hens.this should produce a nice colored variety of great laying birds.

    i will have 12+ eggs to ship out on Monday,march 16th
    i ship USPS priority mail and package well.i have shipped with great success before but i cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to incubation methods or PO mishandlings.

    packaging and shipping included

    Thank you for looking
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