12 Porc, Lav, PI Silkie Hatching eggs - 24 hour Auction!

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    Mar 6, 2010
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    My incubator is full and I will have a dozen fresh eggs to ship out on Tuesday Oct. 26th. Most of these eggs are from my two Porcelain and Lavender pens. I am collecting 3-5 eggs daily from the two pens. This auction will include at LEAST 9 Porc, Lav, or split eggs. I will also include 3 or 4 B/B/Splash eggs from SQ stock. I will include extras if available.

    Pen #1
    Buff/Lav Split Roo
    Lavender/Red Pyle Roo
    1 Lavender Hen
    3 Porcelain hens (1 BV AOV)
    Buff/Lav Split hen

    Pen #2
    Lavender/Red pyle Roo
    Lavender Roo (a bit young so not sure if he's breeding the girls yet)
    1 Buff NON split (BV winner)
    1 Black NON split (CH Featherleg at her last show)
    1 Buff/Lav split

    Most of the eggs are coming from Pen #1. I'm getting 2 eggs per day from pen 2.

    All of my silkies have 5 toes, dark skin. Most have vaulted skulls.
    Any questions, please ask. Paypal to [email protected] at the end of the auction.
    I cannot guarantee your hatch rate but my fertility rate here is very high. I will pack the eggs carefully, bubble wrap each egg individually and do my best to get them to you safe and sound. Once they leave me, I have no control over how the PO handles them or the speed with which they get to you. Eggs shipped priority through USPS unless buyer requests otherwise and covers additional costs for expedited delivery. Lots of photos below. For more photos, go to www.peachykeenpoultry.com
    US bidders only please.



    One of my buff split chicks
    PI chick!

    Two of my Splash. For more photos www.peachykeenpoultry.com


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