12++ pure and mix egg assortment

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    This will be an eggs assortment of all eggs laid this weekend. could get anywhere from 12 to 24+ eggs. I try for 18 if more I'll included them. You will get all eggs from everthing on my farm.
    Whats Laying now:

    SQ Bantam Rhode Island Reds
    Standard Cochins BBS Spalsh roo over Black and Barred hens
    BLRW Spalsh Roo over Spalsh and BLR hens
    Longtail Mix (Yokahoma/Sumatra rooster over Silver, White Pheonix hens and Spangled Game Hens plus a few buff Orpington hens)
    Silver Campine
    BLRW cross eggs (Splash BLRW roo over BLRW/EE hens all lay green eggs)

    What should Start laying soon: (If they lay I will include their eggs)

    Guineas (mostly Self blues,Pied, and Purple only one gray)
    SQ Rhode Island Red Standard Mohawk line
    Bantam Cochins (Black Mottled rooster over White hens)
    Ducks (Muscovy Pieds and Chocolate, SQ Black Cayugas)
    Geese (Mixed bunch could get anything)

    Been getting 90% to 100 % hatch rate on the birds that are laying now.
    These ship Monday
    If you don't want some of them please tell me what you perfer. I will try to included just them.
    Thanks for looking

    Bantam RIR


    Standard RIR




    BLRW Roo (When he was in with the std cochins)


    BLRW Hen (Need better camera)


    Barred Cochin hen


    Some of the pied Muscovys


    I'll get more Pictures soon
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