12 Purebred Buckeye Hatching Eggs

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    Up for your consideration, eggs from my lovely flock. I purchased them from another byc member. I have 9 hens and two roosters, so fertility is excellent. Eggs are collected several times daily, turned and stored in a cool location until carefully wrapped and sent. These birds are tolerating this heat well, and they do fine in cooler temps as well. Terrific birds for free ranging and the roosters are mild mannered. I have other breeds as well if you are interested in eggs from them. See my byc page for the list . As always, shipped eggs are a gamble. Once I ship them, I cannot be responsible for what the po does to them. I do include a few extras in case of breakage, chicken laying permitting.:)
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    what is a buckeye? [​IMG]
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    A Buckeye is a beautiful chicken developed in Ohio by a woman to withstand the cold temperatures. They are great layers and friendly, calm birds .

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