12+ Purebred Wheaten & Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Eggs!!!


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Jun 19, 2010
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12+ Wheaten & Blue Wheaten Ameraucana Fertile Eggs! These are pullet eggs, my pullets have been laying for almost 2 months now, some started later than others. I have found that pullet egg babies are just as strong and vibrant as regular sized babies, they are just a tad smaller... They take about 2 weeks and then catch up to the standard babies.

I have two Wheaten Cockerels over 4 Wheaten pullets and 4 Blue Wheaten pullets. The parents are Luanne (cpartist on here) and Wayne Meredith lines. I already have three hatches from this pen, first hatch I got 8 of 8, second I got 23 of 28, and third is still in the incubator. The babies I have hatched from this pen are gorgeous, and I know the babies from these eggs will be too. We feed our chickens only 100% Organic Feeds and Organic BOSS as well as fresh organic fruits and veggies from our garden. They also free range every evening and are very happy chickens.

Lets meet the parents!!!

Some of our Pullets:



One of our Males: (He is still young, and his beard is getting darker every day)...



And here is a picture of their eggs:

Our hatching eggs we send out are no more than three days old. They are turned three times a day and stored in a temperature controlled room to assure you the best possible hatch. Eggs are usually fairly clean, but may contain occasional soiling. I do not wash eggs but will brush off excess soiling if present. Eggs are wrapped individually in bubble wrap then nestled in pine shavings in large shipping box, clearly marked FRAGILE LIVE EMBRYOS, but I will gladly mark them any way you want. I've had very good success shipping this way. We have had an excellent hatch rate on our farm ourselves this year as well as with our shipped eggs.

However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances out of our control. Rough postal handling and incubator mishaps will make perfectly fertile eggs not develop or hatch. Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk. Please be understanding and know this when purchasing hatching eggs.
When your eggs arrive carefully unwrap them and store them pointy end down at room temperature for 12 hours to help the air cell settle from shipping.

We accept USPS money orders and paypal. Everyone has been pleased with the hatch rate they are getting from our eggs. We love our Ameraucanas and know you will also.

The eggs to be shipped are all fresh from just the last couple days and I will ship on Wednesday morning as soon as I receive payment. Our paypal is [email protected].

Thank you and happy bidding!
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I wish you were closer to me or I you. I would take a chance on shipping. I was just looking at these in the Breed section thinking I should get some.

They are beautiful birds.
Best of luck with whoever gets them.
If I were to get these I would want to build a better place for them and I can't do that now. We are thinking of moving so maybe in the spring.

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