12 RIR + 6 Barred rock eggs.


9 Years
Mar 25, 2010
Hello, my hens are in overdrive and I have more eggs then I can handle. you will get 12 RIR 6 Barred rock eggs plus extras.my roos will go about 8lbs the hens about 6 1/2lbs the RIR are a dark burgundy with the tip of there tail feathers in black.the Barred rock are just as nice true to the old Barred rock line big and fat and they lay dark eggs. I will pack eggs as best I can and will replace any broken in shipping for the cost of shipping.you know the story on shipped eggs I can not warrant anything other then replaceing broken eggs plus shipping. please pay with paypal.to [email protected]
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thanks for pointing that out yes it is the wrong pic, my wife posted the this for me it is a barred rock. to late change the pic but still a nice hen.I will send the barred rock or the dominique just let me know sorry for the wrong pic.
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I was thinking it was the right pic since the auction is for RIR & Barred Rocks...unless you changed the auction from Doms to BR-
I will send Doms or Barred rock with the rir its left up to the buyer.I will send a mix of both if thats what the winner wants.I will send at least 20 eggs.

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