12 Silkie and Sizzle eggs


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Mar 5, 2009
Hornbeak, Tennessee
I have up for auction are Red Partridge silkie, B/B/S silkie, White silkie and assorted color sizzle eggs.

Blue silkie hen with a blue silkie roo
Red partridge hen with a dark partridge roo.( Gone Broody)
White silkie hens with White silkie roo.
Grey silkie roo with blue sizzle hens and black sizzle hen, white sizzle hen and a grey sizzle hen.
All the silkies have good toes placement, 5 toes, black skin, heavily featherd on legs and feet.

I ship priority mail with comfirmation number. Bubble wrap each egg and secure upright in the box.

Blue roo

By emvickrey at 2011-06-26
Blue hen She looks just like the roo in the sunlight. She was inside the coop in this pic.

By emvickrey at 2011-04-09
White roo

White Hens
getting recent pic, coming soon
Grey roo He has gold flecks on the very ends of his feathers on his head.
His name is M.J. and is very friendly and loves to cuddle. He's in the sizzle pen.

By emvickrey at 2011-06-26
Grey hen. Her name is Noel. She hatched on Christmas of 2010

By emvickrey at 2011-06-26
Blue Sizzle hens (the white hen is no longer in that pen.) The one without a crest is Moe and the one with is Curly

By emvickrey at 2011-06-13
White sizzle hen

This is an older pic when they where juveniles

By emvickrey at 2011-04-09
Black hen Her name is Elvis

By emvickrey at 2011-04-09
Black Silkie in the B/B/S pen Hatched on Christmas with Noel

Partridge quad

By emvickrey at 2011-06-26
The roo in the partridge silkie pen has an ugly head but he and the dark partridge hen produced some very nice chicks. The one up front is laying and the one in the far back is sitting. The other two are no longer with me in the below pic. The one up front will be in a show Sept 3rd.

By emvickrey at 2011-04-09
Here is their mother, Their father is in the picture above. Hen is 15 months old The roos name is Henry and the mother is Fancy Pants

By emvickrey at 2011-04-07

Here are some pics of chicks from the last hatch I had.

Silkies, lav splash, white, red partridge, blue and black


NOTE: My paypal is [email protected] Please contact me if there are any problems before you leave feedback. Thank you for looking.
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