12 silkies breaded from lavender pen hatching eggs! Free shipping


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
I have 12 silkie hatching eggs all breaded and out of my lavender pen. it this pen there are three lavender roos and in hen the colors are lavender, porcelian, gray, buff, and a buff sizzle that is a split to lavender. I have gotten hwite out of this pen dont know why I do not have a white so I am thinking one of the hen is a carrier to this color.dont know why but it is happening and there are the only ones that are layng right now. you may get that color as well as lavender and maybe porcelian. hatching has been good here about 85% not bad for these colors.shipping is free and I will ship on Firday or Sat. will give you fresh eggs.all the other colors will be split to lavender.if you have any queastion please feel free to email me or post here. here are pics of some of the parents. Porcelian
Gray hen with calico lavender roo
some of our pass babies
buff hen
our buff sizzle
some of our lavender babies
Our lavender roo
happy bidding and May God Bless!

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