12 Snowy Mallard Duck Hatching Eggs

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    12 pure snowy mallard duck hatching eggs these are not call ducks they are a subspecies of the wild mallard duck (aka grays) these ducks where breed from wild mallards but with the addition of two recessive harlequin genes that gives them the snowy white color they have the same body confirmation as the wild type mallards but the females are mostly snowy white and the males are green headed with a little more white then the wild mallards have they are a small duck weighing only about 2 1/2 pounds for the males while females weigh about 2 pounds they do fly they are very friendly ducks my ducks love being hand fed they can be free ranged or they tolerate confinement reasonably well to they lay 100+ eggs a season these eggs will be collected the day before and the day of shipping after payment clears i prefer payments to be through pay pal i do not wash the eggs i leave that up to the buyer i have had a very high hatch rate but i can not guarantee yours will be the same because of things i can not control like the USPS or incubation techniques so when these eggs leave my hands i am not responsible for what happens to them i pack very well for shipping i wrap each egg in a soft paper then i put them in an egg tray or carton wrapped in bubble wrap with air cells up i candle the eggs to make sure the air cells are up i mark the box fragile hatching eggs please do not x-ray with arrows pointing up i ship USPS priority mail with tracking\\delivery confirmation i only ship to the lower 48 states thanks for looking

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