12+ Speckled Sussex Eggs


9 Years
Jun 22, 2010
12+ Speckled Sussex hatching Eggs, these are big beautiful friendly chickens. They are good layers and lay a good size light brown egg, every now and again I get an occasional cream colored egg.

These are probably my favorite breed to sit and watch because they are so beautiful. They are also very friendly and come right up to me in the pen and I have 2 that love to sit on my shoulders while I am cleaning or feeding and watering.

The majority of my main flock, 5 of my hens and my main Roo came from the beautifiu stock of Nancy Garry (bargain) and most of them I have raised from day old chicks.

The girls are laying well enough that I can get enough to send eggs out on Mondays and Wednesday so if you don't win this auction but are interested please PM me. These eggs will ship out on Monday March 14th following confirmation of paypal payment.

When I ship eggs I bubble wrap each individual egg and then bubble wrap the entire cardboard carton. I then line the shipping box with packing pillows and sit the bubble wrapped egg carton in the middle of it. Lastly I fill in any empty space with packing peanuts. With this said I am not responsble for the eggs once they leave my hands..

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!



I bought these eggs a couple weeks ago from itsmyobsession and they were shipped fast, packaged perfectly and arrived in mint condition. Great communication and I'm happy to report all eggs are developing great at 11 days in the 'bator. Whoot! Thanks so much!
Thank you so much for the feedback, I am so glad that they are all developing. I have eggs in my bator that I candled last night and all mine are developing as well, I guess I will have to give my Roos and hens a little extra special treat.

Please keep me updated on the hatch!!!!!

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