12 + SQ Bantam Polish Assortment Hatching Eggs With Free Shipping


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9 Years
Oct 25, 2010
Kennedy, AL
I have for sell 12 + extra's of my show quality Bantam Polish Assortment hatching egg. You may get, WC Black, WC Blues, WC Chocolates, Silver Laced, and Buff Laced. In all these breeds i have frizzled, and smooth all in the same pens with there breed. Please don't ask for 1, or 2 breeds. I have to ship what ever is layed.
I don't guarantee eggs hatching because there are too many things that can happen out of my control. Such as rough handling by USPS and incubator problems. I send fresh fertile eggs. Fertility checks here have been excellent. Eggs are wrapped well and tightly boxed. Eggs can only be shipped in the USA.

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