12+ SQ Birchen Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs!

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    Up for your consideration are 12+ any extras, Birchen Cochin Bantam Hatching Eggs. I have 1 beautiful rooster in this pen with 3 hens. The fertility rate on the eggs that I have hatched from these hens has been 98%. These are SQ parents, and are producing beautiful offspring.
    I gather the eggs 2X each day and they are kept in a quiet, room at 70 F. and turned 3X each day to ensure the best hatch rates.
    I wrap each egg individually with bubble wrap, then place them in heavy cushioning of newspapers.
    I insure the package and ship it to you via USPS Piority Mail.
    I mark the package FRAGILE, however I don't usually mark it "Hatching Eggs" as I believe the PO workers are playing football with the hatching egg boxes! If you prefer I mark it "Hatching Eggs" please PM me at the end of the sale and I will be glad to mark it accordingly. Also if you would like to pick up your eggs at the PO, please send me your phone number and I will add that to the package information.
    I cannot guarantee hatching rates for shipped eggs, due to variables in incubators, rough handling in the mail, etc. Please make your payment to me through PayPal at the end of the auction. I will send a PayPal invoice to the winner! Good Luck

    [​IMG] Update from Bunny~ I now have 18 eggs at this time. So it looks like I may have closer to 2 dozen eggs for the winner of this auction. [​IMG]
    I will be shipping these on Monday 26th or Tuesday the 27th so that they will not be sitting in a PO truck somewhere over the weekend.

    Happy Hatching and Good Luck!
    Love, Bunny


    These are my photographs of my birds, please do not use them without my permission. Thanks.
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    How old will these eggs be when you ship them?
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    Sep 17, 2010
    Olin, North Carolina
    None of the eggs will be more than 8 days old when I ship them. They are gathered daily 2X and I keep them in a 70 degree room and turn the eggs 3-5 times each day. I will be shipping extras if the hens lay any more. The rain will probably slow them down a bit. I have 3 hens with one rooster, and I have had excellent hatches from them. I usually save mine for 2 weeks before filling my own incubator. They usually lay about 2-3 eggs each day and it takes 5-6 days to get a dozen.Thanks.

    All of my birds have been purchased from NPIP farms, and I am setup for my NPIP testing on October 5th. Yeah! I vaccinate all of my birds with Newcastle bronchitis, Marek's and Fowl Pox. I practice a very strict biosecurity program on my farm and I have not had an sick birds.
    My farm is Very Clean and all of my birds are fed using only Organic Purina Feeds, fresh fruits from my orchards & fresh veggies from my garden. I do not feed medicated feeds. All of my birds are outside during all daylight hours and allowed to forage naturally on my 10 acre farm. I lock them up at night to protect them from any predators as well. I use the deep litter system in my coops, and diatomaceaous earth to prevent pests. I Never use pesticides around my birds. I try to raise birds the same way I would raise my children. Protection, vaccines, healthy food, and humane living conditions!

    I hope this will answer some of the questions you may have. You will be seeing my bantam chicks, poultry and hatching eggs for sale in the future here on BYC. I raise 7 varieties of cochin bantams, Silver Laced, Birchen, White, White Frizzle, Blue, Splash, & Lavender. I also raise Mille Fleurs. I am licensed by the state of NC to raise and sell Poultry, Ratites, Chicks, and Hatching eggs. The name of my Farm is Hen's and Friends Cochin Bantams and Heritage Poultry

    I also raise Easter Eggers, Light Brahmas, Australorps, Blue Lace Red Wyandottes, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks.
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