12+ SQ Frizzle Bearded Gold & Silver Laced Polish Eggs (Waiting List)

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    Waiting List for 12 ++ Frizzle & Smooth Gold & Silver Laced Polish Hatching Eggs .


    Polish Fowl were imported from Eastern Europe into England and nicknamed "Poland Fowl". A very old domesticated breed of poultry mentioned as early as the sixteenth century. A full crest of feathers grow out of a knob of the skull of the chicken. The Polish breed is noted for one of the beautiful and ornamental breeds, prized exhibition and show fowl, the striking crest of feathers and large cavernous nostrils.

    These were brought to their wonderful point of development by European and English breeders as long ago as the mid 1800's. Very showy and also useful layers of white eggs.
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    I will only be Offering a limited amount of eggs.
    I am Hopeing to find serious enough breeders or hobbiest interested in helping to preserving these very old & rare colors of polish bantams.
    Polish are said to be one of the oldest of the colors in this breed.

    I can & will Tutor if needed, on incubating, hatching, culling, breeding, & showing if need. I am wanting to find a buyer that will hopefully show these Rare colors of polish.

    I cannot stress enough on the rareity of the silver & gold laced polish . At a poultry show of a few thousand entries there was none of these exhibited/ none of these colors were present or shown.

    Polish are not for beginers, true they are very attractive, but many don't know how to care for them properly, often leading to their polish dieing.

    [​IMG] Tips on Raising Polish Chickens: [​IMG]
    Like with all breeds polish need access to clean food and water.

    Polish need shelter from the water & snow, A wet polish is a sad sight to see, they do very well in the cold winter & hot summer months.

    They should be housed with other crested breeds because they are usualy picked on, & at the bottom of the pecking order.

    Polish are prone to crest mites, very tiny mites in their crest feathers often unnoticable by their handlers. This is easily fixed with (front line) for dogs, works great on dog with fleas & ticks & works even better on chicken mites ! who would have thought [​IMG]


    You will be contacted before eggs are sent, again will teach you how to hatch eggs if needed.

    I will send eggs in Febuary,

    I Just set up my breeding pens a few days ago,

    I am single mateing my polish bantams this year , 1 Roo to every 1-2 Hens for maximum fertility & to start pedegrees .
    I have 4-5 pairs of Gold Laced Both Frizzle & smooth.

    & two pairs of Smooth Feather Silver Laced Polish Bantams.

    I have been Breeding & showing my Laced polish bantams since 2005, & Breed to the ABA standards of perfection.

    I have won Best Of Breed, Best Of Variety,Reserve Of Breed & Reserve Of Variety, So far with my gold Laced polish bantam's.

    I am new to silver Laced Polish, & have only recently started breeding them in 2009. I have two breeding pairs, both are beautifully laced.

    All of our poultry are purebred & Line Bred, & silgle mated, I do occasionally Flock breed, but only with line bred families / father to daughters . So all of my fowl can produce good quality & beautifuly laced feathers.

    I Will Accept Money Orders & PayPal

    I Ship My eggs through USPS by Priority Mail.
    Prices Does Include Shipping Cost.
    All Eggs will be collected & sent fresh,

    I cannot guarentee anything with shipped eggs,
    The Shipping process can be rough on eggs, with X-rays & rough handleing by the USPS.

    As a Poultry Breeder & Exhibitor do guarentee that my fowl are Happy, well care for / healthy.
    When shipping eggs, we individualy wrap ea egg in bubble wrap, & places wraped eggs on cartons, so they done get shaken up, this also provides extra protection & we use tons of shredded paper for extra cushon & support.

    Please feel free to Pm or email me, or
    If you have any other questions or if interested.

    Thanks for reading,

    Josh T.
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