12 SQ silkie/showgirl/silver Campine eggs in 2 polyfoam egg container

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    We are offerring the eggs to introduce the polyfoam for shipping eggs.
    We will send 2 foam egg containers packed/filled with either silkie, silver Campine or showgirl eggs - your choice, and if you like, we can add BCM and olive egger too. This is a great chance to try the new foam.
    The foam can be re-use for any size egg you wish. For large eggs or bantam eggs, just cut the plug to the size of eggs that you want, the plug will do the job to hold them. There's empty space between the eggs to protect them from bouncing on to each other, very safe and easy, the insulation part is an add-on protection for the eggs also.
    Please give it a try, you owe it to yourself , especially the newcomers that start to join the hatching egg venture, forget about all that wrapping, taping, cutting, fitting work. These are for all the experts that have already figured out the precise spacing and balancing/strategy of the egg transaction. Me, I like the no-brainier way, the easier the better, with this, you're carefree, just cut the plug to the size you want, lay your eggs in and plug back up. That's it, you are done!!!!
    You KNOW those eggs are WELL PROTECTED. unless PO drops them (not even that-the yolk sack will stand a much better chance with this method than any other wrapping we have tested).
    PS: If you pack your egg all in one direction, you can pack the foam in stand upward position in box, the air sack is on top which protects the air sack from erupting/breaking.

    Please feel free to PM me for any questions. Thanks for looking.

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