12 Swedish Flower Hen Eggs (No Split WIngs) Or 6+ Dark Cornish Eggs (Free Ranged Flocks)

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    I keep small, healthy flocks of Swedish Flower Hens and Dark Cornish. They are fed Fermented Feed and checked over regularly for health and condition. I rotate my flocks and each free ranges at least 5 hours a day on a large farm.

    None of my SFHs have split wings (a common fault in this breed). I know which bird lays which egg, and your eggs will be labeled with the initial of the hen that laid it as well as the date it was laid for reference.
    12 Swedish Flower Hen Eggs: $60.00 (Includes Shipping!)

    My Dark Cornish flock is made up of 3 hatchery hens and 1 show quality hen and 1 breeding quality rooster.
    6+ Dark Cornish Eggs: $25.00 (Includes Shipping!)

    I guarantee all shipped eggs will be pure bred Swedish Flower Hen eggs or Dark Cornish eggs.

    Eggs will be individually packaged in bubble wrap. Unfortunately I can not guarantee hatch rates as shipping and incubation conditions may vary.

    Please respond to this ad and let me know which eggs you are interested in.
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    I would like these eggs. . .please send payment information. Thanks!!

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