12+ Test Eggs! ~Olive eggers~ Blue egg layers~and White egg layers~!

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Jun 17, 2009
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I have 12 eggs offered for auction as test eggs. The ten eggs pictured, plus any laid tomorrow, will be included as well. You get at least 12 eggs. They will be shipped Monday morning via Priority Mail.


This is Thurston my blue Ameraucana rooster (from Larry McEwen chickenscratchpoultry.com) He is six months old. He is the only rooster in the yard with these girls.


1.) The three blue eggs are Ameraucana from my wheaten hen (from pips&peeps) and Thurston.

This is Skye my wheaten Ameraucana. I have had her about a year and she is a good layer of beautiful blue eggs. The eggs are definitely blue, not green. Fertility has been good on these blue eggs.


2.) The spotted brown eggs are from Thurston over my pure Welsummer hen, Ginger, also from Larry McEwen. This mating should produce F1 olive eggers.

Mating between this pair has been observed but have not had any eggs develop as yet. She just started laying.


3.) The dark brown eggs are from Thurston over my pure BCM hen, Marianne, also from Larry McEwen. This mating should produce F1 olive eggers.

I have three eggs developing from this mating. Pullet just started laying.


4.) The white eggs are from my pure Icelandic flock. I will include a few of these with the auction if available. Fertility has been near 100% recently.

Please note that the white/orange rooster, Isi, is the only rooster in with the Icelandic layers at this time. The blue Ameraucana is not the daddy of these eggs. I originally just put the white eggs in the carton for color comparison but then I thought, what the heck, I'll throw some of those in too! If you have ever read the Icelandic thread you'll know that the eggs can hatch any color, any comb, crested or non-crested. I do have a large number of blue, crested girls. Please understand that the Icelandic chickens are critically endangered and a dedicated group of people in the US are working to help save them. Please do not bid on these if you plan to crossbreed or attempt to standardize them in any way. If you are not interested in the Icelandic eggs please let me know and I will not include them in the shipment. I would be willing to delay shipping a couple of days to add more of the other varieties.

Thanks for looking! PayPal accepted. Winning bidder please PM for PayPal address.

UPDATE: As of right now there are four Ameraucana eggs, four from the Welsumer, and three from the BCM. There will probably be four or five Icelandics as well.

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