12+ True BBS Ameraucana Eggs - 3 days only

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by GardienneWings, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. I will have a dozen plus any extra true Ameraucana eggs laid over the weekend ready to ship Monday! This is a 3 day auction and payment must be via Paypal on Sunday so I can ship while they are fresh.

    I bubble wrap each egg individually and then foam pad the entire batch and ship Priority Mail.

    I can offer no hatching guarantee on eggs as I have shipped some with 100% hatch and some with a low hatch. Unfortunately once they are out of my hands I have no control over how they are handled, stored, or incubated. We are getting very pretty Black, Dark Blue, and lighter Blue chicks from this pen.

    I also have other eggs if you wish to add any of these as well:
    $1.50 per egg
    Partridge standard Cochins
    Black giant Cochins
    Exchequer Leghorns
    Banty Cochins (black mottled roo w Blue hen)

    $1 per egg
    Easter Eggers (green or "pink" eggs)
    White Rock x WR/Ameraucana (HUGE brown eggs)

    $2.50 per egg
    Bourbon Red Turkeys
    Narragansett turkeys



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