12 Week Easter Egger - Confirming Rooster?


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Aug 2, 2021
Hey all! I have four Easter Eggers that I've raised from day old chicks. Supposedly all female, but we have one that is definitely a rooster (not pictured) and one that we are only pretty sure is a rooster. Can someone please just confirm or give hope? I need to put this to rest. Obviously we can't have two roosters in a small enclosure, so I need to figure something out if this bird is also a rooster.

The very obviously female birds are smaller, do not have any curled tail feathers, have less ostentatious coloring and their combs are flat/not pink. In contrast, our very obvious rooster has a 3 ridge comb, insane colors (mottled white, super green tail, green and purple on wings, blond hackles). Ruffles' comb started to pink up earlier than the rest and has developed tail feathers that are green and slope down.

Meet Ruffles:




I'd appreciate your help! First time raising chickens and we've learned a hard lesson about buying sex linked chicks in the future. As a side note, we ordered 5 female chicks from Meyer Hatchery. One was DOA and we have at least one, but probably two, roosters. Do not recommend them to be quite honest.

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