Jul 25, 2021
I’ve attached photos of my 4, 12 week old Australorps (that’s what we were told they were anyways) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they are roo’s or hens? I have a feeling 3 of them are Roos but I don’t know too much about sexing! They have colour identifiers on their feet :)
They do look like blue australorps. If they are blue australorp and anything like black australorp, they seem to be pullets. The combs and wattles are too small to be cockerel at this age. Australorp are a slow growing breed, but the cockerels at 12 weeks have definite signs of being a roo.
Take a look at this 12 week australorp:
I’m about 90% sure that they are blue Australorps as the lady we had gotten them from seemed to have been well known for hatching Australorps. As we’re only new to having chickens and they didn’t look like the other Australorps I often see, I wasn’t sure. This was before I knew about blues. Thank you for your help!
They look like Blue Australorp pullets to me. Australorps have fairly large, single combs so I'd expect cockerels to have much more comb development at 12 weeks.

At that age I'd also expect to see some male saddle feathers.

My two Blue Australorps are my best hens. :)
That’s such a relief. They’re such friendly, inquisitive birds. I was really hoping they were all sweet pullets :)

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