12 week old chicks dying

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    Ok, I've had poultry and waterfowl my whole life, but this one has me stumped, I've never had a problem like this. An extended family member hatched about 50 Black Copper Marans, and gave me half. Hers are fine, but mine have been dying at the rate of about 4 a week, I only have 5 left. They seem fine, eating drinking, foraging, then in the morning there will be 1 or 2 dead or nearly dead chicks.

    I have about 40 other chickens, between the ages of 4 months old and 3 yrs old, and they are all beautiful and healthy. The chicks are not wheezing or crusty, their droppings are normal. They have plenty of food and fresh water, a dry warm coop and free range. I would appreciate any thoughts you all have! I have never had losses like this.
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    If they actually look sick, I would treat for coccidiosis.
    12 weeks old. How do they look before they die? Are they eating?
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    I agree, With that many deaths at that age it is probably coccidosis. Corid (amprollium) liquid 2 tsp per gallon of water for 5-7 days is the treatment. Give them probiotics and vitamins for 1 week following Corid treatment. Make sure their pine shavings are clean and dry, and if you can get them outside for fresh air and on clean grass, that would be better for them.
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