12-week-old cockerel with closed eye and puffy face. Help!!

cicene mete

11 Years
Jun 19, 2008
I have a 12-week-old American Gamefowl cockerel who has one eye closed and his acting lethargic. His face also looks a little swollen. He is part of a closed flock, which makes me wonder if it's something other than coryza. He is egg hatched and his parents both seem fine.

Also, he has no nasal discharge, no respiratory difficulty, and no smell.

The symptoms began the day before yesterday, and I see no signs of diarrhea or bloody stool.

He will eat a little, but has very little energy and low appetite.

Anyone with any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Quarantine him, ASAP. Check for other syptoms regularly. Perhaps he just got pecked and has an infection. Maybe he got some dust/DE in there (I have had that happen a few times).

Either way, get him isolated with some electrolyes in his water.
While you are watching to see if he develops any other symptoms you could also put neosporin on his swollen eye in case it is a localized infection. make sure it is the ointment without the pain relief ingredient added. I applied this twice a day to one of my roos who had a swollen eye and it improved within three days and went away within a week.
He could have also gotten bitten by something or stung. Clean his closed eye out with eye wash and put some opthalmic ointment in it without cortisone in case cornea is scratched. Terramycin or Triple Antibiotic Opthalmic would be good. If he hit his eye, this won't hurt to do either.

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