12 week old pullet not well

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    Dec 1, 2016
    2 full days since my 12 week old pullet exhibiting signs of sickness. I have isolated her and am offering her plain yogurt, boiled and minced egg yolks, apple sauce, a little bit of canned fish cat food as well as her grower crumbles. She has had water w/dissolved electrolyte/vitamin powder (yesterday) and water w/apple cider vinegar added (today)

    -Still eating and drinking though non-vigorously
    -In general no vigor/slow motion
    Very slow and tentative movement. She does walk around but very slow and carefully

    -The one time (over the past 2 days) that she did try to move quickly she stumbled
    Unsure footing

    Flares wings & Wags tail feathers often to rebalance (I think) when walking
    -No signs of respiratory illness
    No rasp, no fluids near nose or eyes
    -Crop seems to have unloaded overnite although it wasn't extremely full

    -Feathering fairly full at this time but still slightly rough
    Is losing occasional small feathers but not major
    -No visible signs of mites or fleas
    -No visible signs of worms in poop
    Sorry, thought it might help to include recent poop pics here

    1st of the day

    -Judging from the pullets appearance alone she seems fine but
    Behaviorally, not right.
    I'm baffled by this. Would greatly appreciate any thoughts/advice?
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    Welcome to BYC.

    Poop and Pullet photos are always welcome.
    Was she vaccinated for Marek's?

    A few things that come to mind are Coccidiosis, vitamin/nutritional deficiency, Marek's or neurological/developement disorder.

    Cocci can cause weakness, loss of balance, diarrhea with mucous or blood, puffed up appearance or huddling. Treatment is with Corid that can be found at the feed store.

    Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) deficiency could possibly be the cause, offer some poultry vitamins in her water or crush a human B-Complex vitamin and add it to her feed.

    She is about the right age to start showing symptoms of Marek's disease. Off balance, leg/wing paralysis and using wings to help balance/move are in line with this illness.

    Make sure she is eating her grower/chick starter well and staying hydrated.

    Let us know how she is doing.
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