12 week old stumbling pekin

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  1. SunnyChicks16

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    Apr 7, 2016
    Please help! First time backyard chicken owners and really need some experienced help!
    We have what is apparently a 12 week old frizzle Pekin with the most beautiful calm nature, who has recently stopped thriving.
    She falls over repeatedly, sleeps a lot or just rests but always with her wings hanging down at the sides. She goes limp with her wings and legs when you hold her or pick her up :/
    She is eating, drinking, and sometimes appears to walk ok and then stumbles and ends up lying down again.
    The other chicks of various other types younger and older are all healthy.
    Ideas? Her feet are curled up.
    Would love to add a video but not sure how [​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Get some chick vitamins and electrolytes from your feed store, and put them in her water. Make sure that they contain riboflavin (vitamin B2) and avoid poultry Nutri-drench since it does not. It may be a vitamin deficiency or dehydration. Mareks disease could be a possibility also, but hopefully not. Does she have runny stools with mucus or blood? Coccidiosis can be a problem at this age, and it can cause similar symptoms plus lethargy, and standing around puffed up, but usually they stop eating. Let us know how she gets along with the electrolyte water, and be sure to dip her beak in them as often as possible the first day.

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