12+ Welsh Harlequin Duck Eggs

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    DdThese eggs will ship out on Monday the 26th.

    I will put in 12 eggs plus PLENTY extras!!!

    Shipping is $15.

    I can also do shipments of 24 eggs ($24) if you would like

    I do not mark the box the eggs are shipped in as fragile. I think it draws more attention to the box when it's marked. I will mark it as fragile if you ask me to.

    Eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and put into a small box which is then put into another box with padding.

    I will add 2 or 3 "mystery eggs" if you want me to for $1. Can be mixes or pure breeds. (goose, chicken and duck). I will mark which eggs are the "mystery eggs" when I pack them. My welsh harlequins are seperate from the pet ducks so no worry about mix breed harlequins.

    My paypal is [email protected]

    Im hoping to send out a couple orders on Monday so dont hit buy, just PM me if you would like these eggs.

    Any questions? [​IMG]

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