12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs Blehm/Cree lines Auction 1-DAY

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    Incubator is full, I have some extra eggs this week!! 15 eggs plus what is laid today!!!!
    For your consideration Pure Bred Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana hatching eggs, Blehm and Cree lines.
    This Auction will end at 12 pm central 4/17/2012
    Do not PM, place bids in $1 increments as a reply to this thread.
    Shipped via USPS Priority, bidding price INCLUDES SHIPPING.
    PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL MUST BE MADE BY 2 PM central 4/17/2012 to [email protected]
    I want to ship these eggs tomorrow, please don't bid if you cannot meet this requirement.
    I will PM winning bidder immediately upon auction closing.
    There are many show quality birds produced from these lines.
    Pure Ameraucana chickens DO NOT lay green or pink eggs, only shades of blue.
    Pink and green egg layers are normally hatchery stock or back yard mixes.
    This auction is for 12+ eggs.
    These will be available in very limited quantities.
    The black hen in the pictures is an F2 Olive Egger I am breeding back to blue, you will not be receiving any of these eggs.
    We are a small family farm and strive to produce healthy, naturally raised animals.
    I have laying at this time 4 Wheaten and 3 Blue Wheaten hens covered by a Wheaten Rooster.
    Ameraucana's are in general a very hearty breed, they can deal with the summer heat and the cold winter temps.
    My birds are very calm and great foragers
    I have set all the eggs from this flock since they started laying in Jan.
    We have had a 94% hatch rate with 100% fertility.
    Eggs will ship USPS Priority, with a shipping confirmation.
    I do not guarantee your eggs will hatch, due to the many variables of shipping and your incubation process
    I do guarantee you will receive 12 fresh, intact eggs, I will send extras to cover any that maybe damaged by any cracking or breaking of the shell during shipping, I cannot however guarantee air cells will be intact, we all know how packages get handled by the USPS.
    If you receive your order and there are more than the extras damaged, I will replace them, as soon as I am able, for the cost of shipping, with appropriate proof of damage, sent within 24 hrs of confirmation stating that was package delivered.
    No monetary refunds will be offered for eggs damaged during shipping or that do not hatch, only the offer to replace up to the original 12 eggs with the shipping paid by the buyer.

    Thanks For Looking
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