12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Poss. Olive Egger eggs BIN

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    BUY IT NOW. (not an auction) [​IMG] Send me a direct message to order & get my Paypal address. $15 shipping. Paypal and bitcoin only.

    This is for 12+ fertile purebred wheaten/blue wheaten ameraucana hatching eggs. There is a possibility you could get some olive eggers from my splash marans roo out of these eggs, but it's a slight chance. I have yet to hatch any myself. Chicks should be about 90% wheaten with a chance of blue wheaten.

    Each individual egg will be bubble wrapped, all the eggs wrapped again in bubble wrap, and placed inside double boxes with additional air packs or peanuts.The eggs I send with be the freshest eggs I have and will be collected no more than 3 days prior to shipping. No shipping to AK or HI.

    Standard disclaimer: We all know hatching eggs are a gamble. I cannot control how USPS handles your eggs or how you incubate and care for them. I guarantee that you will receive at least 12 unbroken fertile eggs. I will include extras.

    For additional pics: http://www.facebook.com/FrostHomestead

    Eggs also available for local pickup in the Austin, TX area - zip code 78645

    Serious buyers only. Please respond ONLY if you already have a working Paypal account.
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    I am interested in the ameraucanas
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    Are You saying "that you have a Marans Rooster in the pen with these Ameraucana hens that you are selling the eggs out of for $35 + $15 ?
  4. Frost Homestead

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Lago Vista, TX
    Not quite. My birds are not penned. They are 100% free range and I have a splash marans rooster (as well as my wheaten ameraucana roo) on the property. I don't know if youre trying to be condescending or what...but yes, that is the price I'm selling them for.

    They are my pets/hobby first & foremost and are treated as such with lots of love and care. I only make my eggs available occasionally because I am working on improving my own line. When people buy my eggs they know they're getting birds with good genes as well as positive epigenomics. Some people do not want eggs from chickens that have spent their whole lives in a cage.

    I've hatched batches of chicks from my birds' eggs every 3 weeks for the last year and while I have yet to produce a single olive egger, I want to be honest about the fact that these eggs *could* produce some olive eggers. My wheaten roo is pretty good at keeping my marans roo away from "his girls".
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