12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Wheaten eggs

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    Jun 19, 2010
    This is an auction formated listing
    After taking a short break the girls are again laying up a storm, and I cannot set any more eggs till May, So
    I have up for your consideration 12+ Wheaten/Blue Wheaten/Splash Wheaten Ameraucana eggs. These are a very pretty blue with NO Green tint. I see a beautiful sky blue, but they have also been called Robins egg blue..
    My Ameraucana are a large fowl, with my Roo being just over 8#, and my hens about 5#. They have very nice correct color with no ticking, they have full beards and muffs, very poofy butts, and nice tails. They have done very well at the local county fair shows. They are very sweet gentle birds and the Roo is not at all aggressive. They are Wayne Merdith lines from Paradise Found Farm.
    I have been getting 100% hatches here at home, and 95-100% on shipped eggs. I pack the eggs very well to make them as safe as possible, but I can not be responsible for your hatch rate do to postal handling or your incubation methods.
    This auction will end at 8pm MST. Monday 4-16 and eggs will ship Tuesday 4-17
    Bidding will start at $25.00 with increasing bids of $1.00+ . Please place bids as a reply to this post, not as a PM.
    Shipping will be $15.00
    ***The state of MT is not in the NPIP program, if that is a problem for you, please do not bid***
    I will acept PayPal to: [email protected] or MoneyGram

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