12+ White Bearded Silkie eggs.... Very nice quality.


10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
North Alabama
The girls were good today... I now have 16 eggs packed and ready to go!!
Up for your consideration is 12+ Bearded White Silkie eggs. I show all of my silkies and the whites have consistently taken anywhere between 1st and 4th in their category. I have shown them in Dalton Georgia, Newnan Georgia and Clanton Alabama. Their toes vary between perfect to the ABA standard and breeder quality and so does their offspring. These birds are in the breeding pens right now so I am sorry they are dirty. It's just too cold and icky outside right now to get better pictures!! All pictures are from today with the exception of the hen that's on the ground. That photo is from last year. She was way to dirty to photo today.
Fertility here is excellent. Once they leave my hands, who knows what all they go through getting to you. So I can not guarantee your hatch rate for that reason. Paypal only!!! I would like to get these in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. So please be prepared to pay as soon as the auction is over. Paypal goes to [email protected]
Also note: I am NOT NPIP certified yet.





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I have had no toe issues out of these breedings.. They have 5 toes and toenails, no more, no less thank goodness!! On a side note, I bought some splash eggs last year and hatched one with 12 toes and 13 toenails....
I got rid of all of the babies from that hatch.. Don't need those genes running around..
No problem.. All I meant by BQ toes is that they aren't absolutely perfect like the ABA standard calls for. Not that mine are perfect but, if they aren't, they are so close it isn't funny.... I will try and get a photo of some of the babies toes and show what I mean by close to perfect.
Ok... Had to wake him up for this photo.. But this roo has really nice toes. And all five of his toes have feathering on them.. His offspring have had even better spacing. I would have photo'd their feet but they are still in the brooder on newspaper and have super nasty feet!
As long as I get notified of payment in time to get them to the PO before they close at 4:15 Central time. And I think I listed these at 3:45 Central time. So it will be close. But I will have them packed and ready to go so it wont be a problem. I'm only 2 miles from the PO.

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