12+ White Bearded Silkie Eggs

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    Up for auction are 12+ eggs from our white silkies breeding pen. Our incubator is full at this time and there is no room in the inn for these!

    The photos below are of the actual birds in the pen. There is one male pictured and there are 3 hens in that pen currently. We have 4 more pullets in our show pen that will be added to the breeding pen at the end of the show season. I have also included photos of them. These are pullets that came from this breeding pen. We just feel so grateful that we seem to have finally struck the perfect balance of silver and gold genes in these whites. We never have any yellowing in the hackles, but none of the offspring have the double-silver gene either. 95% of the whites that we hatched this year are SQ. Some have been sold as juveniles across the country and are competing in their local shows. We have one white cockerel remaining that is outstanding and we are keeping him as a breeder as well (after 2 upcoming shows!) The bottom photo is a pullet that just won both of her classes in a double points show in Inverness.

    We are NPIP certified. We do like satisfied customers but there are so many things that can happen to shipped eggs that we just cannot guarantee your hatch rate. Because an egg is "clear" does not mean that it is not a fertile egg. We have 100% fertility in this pen when we incubate. We wish that we could replace eggs for those that have had a less than stellar trip, but it's just not possible. We really appreciate your leaving feedback based on the packing job and our communication with you. Thanks so much for your understanding. These eggs will ship out on Friday.

    We do an excellent job packing the eggs so they can make the safest journey possible to you. We are hatching some gorgeous chicks from this pen and certainly hope that you will as well.

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    Have some of these gorgeous babies in the incubator now...fertility is great...even on shipped eggs....[​IMG]
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    I wish my incubator wasn't FULL. [​IMG]

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