12 wks old roo in Westchester, NY


11 Years
Jul 7, 2008
Croton on Hudson
Anyone want my 12 wks old roo in Westchester (Croton on Hudson), NY? His dad is a Wheaten Marans and mom is an easter egger. He is very close to his sister, it has been just the two of them from the start so I would be willing to give her up with him if they could find a good home together. I already have a roo so one is enough.
Hi, Since I posted this the one I thought was a hen is looking mighty Rooish to me so it may be two Roo's after all. I may have a home for one - not sure. He thought he was getting a Roo and a Hen and I have not updated him yet on the new developments so he may not want either. Ae you interested in a Roo or two?

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