13 week old chickens have diarrhea?


Mar 12, 2017
In the SUPER hot state of AZ
I just let my 7 13 week old pullets outside to get some free-range time and I watched three in a row poop liquidy, diarrhea. When they start laying eggs I will be mixing my own grains and making my own food for them. Is it possibly something that they are eating?
Eating new foods while out free ranging can cause looser droppings, so can higher protein foods, and drinking more water like they do when they are hot.
Ok thank you. I have another question that is not related to this but I am building a new coop and I don't have a lot of room but need a new home for them because the one they have is not working out for us. The width is about 3 feet and I think the length is 14 feet. One end is skinnier that the other, because the remaining area is covered in cement. How many square feet do my chickens need? They are not full grown yet but I have 2 EE, 2 Red Sex Links, 1 Australorp, 1 Austra White and 1 barred rock. I appreciate any advice or information that any of you have.

Minimum is 3 square feet per chicken in the coop and 10 square feet in the run per chicken. I always recommend doubling this recommendations to avoid behavioral problems. Provide multiple roost and feeding areas can also lesson the chances of bullying of submissive members.

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