13 Weeks Old: Columbian Wyandotte and Mottled Houdan. Roos?


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So I ordered three Columbian Wyandotte pullets. Out of the Wyans, one (I call Angel) is growing longer tail feathering and bigger waddles. Could Angel still be hen? I hope so....

I'm sorry they are not the best of pictures. Angel does not like being touched or even stood close to.


For sure Pullets (Joan and Elisabeth)

Angel is a little blurry, but you can kind of see a difference in the tail feathering...
That's okay. I thought Angel was a cockerel, but I didn't know for sure. :) I plan on ordering more. They are a sweet breed, and so are my Houdans.

Thanks so much for clarifying.
Yes, Angel is a rooster. Sorry... I love the Columbian Wyandotte; they're such pretty and (at least in my experience) friendly birds. Yours are cute!
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I agree, Angel is a rooster. He's a pretty boy! Columbian Wyandottes are great birds, so I'd think about keeping him. They are my favorite breed and variety of chicken, for their temperament, color pattern, and egg laying ability.
Oh, yeah. He's big without question. :) I can't tell who will be the bigger boy, the EE cockerel (Bandit) or Angel. Bandit started crowing this week, and I haven't heard Angel yet. Though I haven't heard him in at least a month, Domino (Mottled Houdan) started crowing at 9 weeks, but hasn't crowed in a long time, so I forgot about it.


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